2020/2021 Judges

Bruce Pascal

Bruce Pascal is a 31 year veteran of the Washington, D.C. commercial real estate market. In 1999, his mother gave Bruce a box of 20 Hot Wheels from his youth. Bruce has accumulated one of the largest collections of historical documentation relating to the history of Hot Wheels, original art work used for the production of the toys, and over 5,000 items.

Among others, his collection has been displayed at the Petersen Automobile Museum, the Washington D.C. Auto Show and featured in the New York Times, Car & Driver, and AutoMobilia Magazines. Bruce has appeared on TV shows with his prized possession, the rarest Hot Wheels known, called the Pink Rear Loader Beach Bomb. Mattel has taken Bruce to The Indy 500 and participated as a Judge in the Hot Wheels Legend Tour.

Article: Toy Car Nut Boasts Worlds Most Valuable Hot Wheels Collection

*The Concours at Pasadera is in no way affiliated with Hot Wheels, Mattel, or any of its affiliates.