2020/2021 Jury

Neal Giordano Jr.

Neal is a United States Marine Corps Veteran who served in the Gulf War…currently employed as an Operations Manager for a large firm based in Raleigh, North Carolina. He is married, with 3 children.

Neal has collected Hot Wheels since the mid-1970’s, when his parents began buying them for him as birthday and Christmas presents. In 1996, Neal formed the North Carolina Hot Wheels Association. The domain of www.nchwa.com began in 1998 and is the oldest published website on the Internet pertaining to Hot Wheels. A club was formed in 1999 with quarterly trade shows, one of which in 2003 featured designers from Mattel, rare items for charity auctions, downhill racing, customizing and more.

Neal has published 6 books pertaining to Hot Wheels, to include the popular “Treasure Hunt Price Guide,” an annual publication. He continues to collect Redline Era (1968-1977) models, sharing the hobby with kids of all ages.

*The Concours at Pasadera is in no way affiliated with Hot Wheels, Mattel, or any of its affiliates.