2021 Award Winners

James K Sims 1957 Ford Thunderbird
1942-1989; manufactured in the United States and Canada

Larry J Menser 1965 Maserati Mistral
1942-1989; manufactured outside the United States and Canada

Vintage/Pre War
Kevin Enderby 1929 Ford Model A
1941 and earlier; representation from all countries

Nevada Cook 1948 Ford Super Deluxe Woody Wagon
All years of build considered. Automobiles that have been significantly altered as viewed by the Jury.

Joe R Hagstrom 1963 Ford Galaxy lite weight 427
All years of build considered. Considered to have competed in an official/sanctioned competitive race.

Tom Niedernhofer 1961 Volkswagen Panel Van
All years considered. Vehicles used for work or industry. Ex: Trucks, Vans, etc.

Modern Classic
Dale Seal 2020 Ferrari 488 Pista

1990-2020; Vehicles of influence that represent current trends in design and mechanics. Winner chosen by popular vote by those in attendance.

Best of Show
Private Collection 1959 Ferrari 250 TR59

Chosen by the Judges as automobile that represents the finest automobile from the field of entries.

Moto Talbott/Gratis 1939 Rudge Special 500
Motorcycles representing 100 years of progressing design and technical influences.

A limited number of 2019 Concours at Pasadera exhibitions will be invited by the Concours Committee to present in the August 6th, 2021 Alumni Exhibition. Limited 1 exhibition per exhibitor.

Hot Wheels

Larry Wood and Ryu Asdada Design Award
Anita L Smith; Chrome Plated Spectraflame Blue Camaro and Strawberry Mustang

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